Wednesday, October 23, 2013

 Now presenting... Play Wit Me Daba

Daba has always been grandpa's name, that is ever since Kenz named him when she was about one. Once upon a time I did I write a post on how his name came about way back when. It had something to do with baba, or bottle which Daba always carefully prepared for the baby Kenz on  those evening we babysat.

Fast forward through that decade. Who would have guessed his grandson Brody would be so much like him? (They look alike, they talk alike) They both love going to the coin shop, wearing collar shirts, and now--- baking. Today they made an amazing pumpkin pie. Brody did most of it. (I'm sure Daba had everything perfectly measured.)

It was after Nana began working full time that Daba really stepped into the 'childcare role'. Now Daba makes the waffles, reads the books, drops off, picks up, signs the homework. What a legacy these children will have. What a heritage! 

I smile when I see Brody and Lou together. The amazing thing is that Daba never complains. Brody, according to Daba, is 'perfectly behaved.' Oh, the wonder of it all. I just have to stop and take it all in. Did he have that kind of patience with our own kids? I almost don't remember it was so long ago. (30 Plus Years!) I have to say I really don't think so, this grandparenting thing is different.

 My busy complex career continues. I rush, worry, prepare and really really work hard, but at the same time feel so grateful (and unworried) about my glorious grandchildren who have their Daba to see them through till the parents pick them up.  I think I forget to say thanks, thanks Daba for all you do and for who you are. 

xoxo love Nana

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hi all my blog visitors.

Look how much time has passed since Nana wrote a post. Kenz is ten, ready to turn eleven and Brody is a whole 5 years old, or in other words five years gone by.

Fortunately, I am able to visit with both of them several times a week. Due to my forty plus working schedule the times we spend together are shorter, but nonetheless always uplifting. Kenzie loves to stay overnight and manages to wiggle her way into my bed many times a month. She is an super A student, quite organized and self sufficient about doing what she needs to do for school, and soccer and band. She is a trumpet player. Last year she played the Baritone, so she's had practice with the horn. Kenzie girl loves her friends and has a group that I met on visitation night. They are so rambunctious at this age,all smiles and I-Phones and games.  And Brody, oh boy, he is so lovable, so sweet, and so so smart.

I am posting poems at  I am putting my old ones on and some new.I'm also working on self-publishing a book of Summer meditation poems  that I wrote this summer.

 Please feel feel to comment here or at Sunprizes.  I know some of you may have given up on checking in with my blog. I can imagine how big the grandparent blogging world has become since the early days when Kenz was three or four. When I get my pictures from my phone into my laptop I will post some of the grandkids..

Friday, March 30, 2012

And Spring Has Sprung!

Brody calls Candyland CANDYWORLD. Don't ya love it?  However, I do not like to play Candyland. Maybe I played it too much over my many decades. My guy has more fun moving the pieces around by himself.

Ah! Pizza and the last days of winter. We will be shedding the long sleeves and jackets. These are pictures that have been hiding in my camera. I got a new job and it's forty hours a week. I still get to see my grandchildren on a regular basis..... but Nana has not been a bloggin!

I highly recommend a dollhouse like this one. Kenzie has played with it for SEVEN years. Her stories have changed, but it has been a place she can exercise her creativity. The other day the dolls were missing and she said, "Nana, do you know where the characters are?" How neat that she thinks of the dolls as persons who become alive.  I have to say Brody likes it, too.  

And this is a must for a grandma's house... a puppet theater. Brody and I have lots of laughs making up shows. I love the little Lamb Chop puppet Ant Jean sent some time ago. Look at the picture of Brody's dad in the background. It was taken at his high school graduation and now by golly he's turning 30 this summer.

As Spring begins we say goodbye to Soccer season. This was taken at Kenzie's last All Star game. It was already a warm day. Oh the seasons they do go round and round. I have been so busy learning my new job that I have not updated my favorite thing... my blog. BlogHer may have dropped me from the advertising agreement. We'll see.

Happy April to all and thanks for checking in on us.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Knowing Snow

These kids have to know snow. I told this to Daba and Ola the next day we were winding our way up the mountain to see, feel, and throw the cold stuff.  We live in the desert, but are close enough to drive to winter in the nearby Catalina Mountains. A good storm had passed through the week before, so now was our chance. Daba and I grew up in the Midwest so we both have happy childhood memories of snow, not having to deal with it as adults.  Kenzer and Brody have seen the flakes fall and then disappear quickly. This time we were talking big snow.

During the first part of our ascend up the road, the scenery stayed familiar---cactus, rocks, dirt and sun.  I told Kenz it's like going up in an airplane, and she agreed ooohing and ahhing at the cityscape far below. We were all smiles--- until the fog, something Nana (or Daba) had not planned on. The fog was actually the thick clouds that like to hang out over the mountain. They are beautiful seeing them from my front yard, but not when you are on a cliff in a truck with precious cargo. In the thick grey steam, Daba did an awesome job of assuring us that this was nothing! Nana wanted to turn around, but that idea did not go over well and besides there was no where to turn around.

Daba had the headlights and the blinkers on explaining that this way no one coming down the mountain would hit us head on. (Sorry, this didn't help my anxiety.) He watched the yellow lines and I watched the white one, that small curvy strip on the right side of the road that separated us from the steep cliffs below.  Kenz and Brod know me well enough to know I was scared, but both of them were on Daba's side, insisting that it was fun being in the clouds.

Just about the time I couldn't take it any longer, Daba said, It's getting brighter which means we are almost out  and Wella! just as he spoke the words there was light and pine trees and snow. And it was beautiful, absolutely breathtaking. 

Nana, those are Christmas trees! Brody exclaimed.  
Yes they are sweetheart, but they call them pine trees!
Noooo Nana, they are Christmas trees!

In Brody's way of thinking this is where they kept all the Christmas trees, and there were billions of them covered in clumps of white snow, happy giants saving Christmas until it comes back. 

The snow got deeper and we finally found a spot to unload our new plastic sleds.  Brody's dad was with us and I swear he thought he was in heaven, carving places to fly down the hills. Daba who kept announcing the temperature, now declared it was 29 degrees! But none of us were cold. We were having way too much fun.

I think the best thing about the day was seeing how adaptable the grandkids were. (Daba agrees.) They got right in the snow and enjoyed it as if it was something they did everyday.What troopers!

This is a day trip we are definitely going to do again, but only on a day with very thin clouds in the sky.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feet Painting

Yesterday was like summer. It was nearly 80! I had a wonderful walk/talk with a nurse friend.  Nothing like blue skies, fresh air, and sun. Love that sun. Let it hit the granny, turn her skin a little pink. Not all the time, but sometimes, like yesterday.  When the real desert summer comes, I'll wear my hat and a little sunscreen.

 It's already Wednesday! On Monday, Kenz spent the night. Since it was an unplanned event we went to good ole Kohl's to get something for her to wear to school the next day. In the children's section, all the winter stuff was haphazard, hanging off hangars on the final clearance rack. No matter! She needed shorts and short sleeves! We ended up getting a head start on Spring with three pairs of shorts and shirts (all on sale too!)

Oh and little Brody was here on Monday. I have a suggestion for anyone who watches a three.

Get the Face Painting Kit pictured below.

This time Bro Bro wanted a boy and a girl!
I don't know why, but Brody thinks it's the greatest thing in the world. We used the paints on Halloween for Kenz (Princess Bride) and then she did my face, which I didn't like. I never say that about something she does, but I did not like what she did on my face. (I will show you.) 
Talk about an identity crisis. I had no idea what I was supposed to be!
The kit is best for small painting. The instructions and illustrations show you exactly what to do. 

One more thing while I'm blogging. Kenz is sellling Girl Scout cookies. Did you know the troop gets to keep some of the money for an activity? Her troop (I love when she says that word) is going to Disneyland. No set dates yet, but getting to go on a trip surely would motivate a gal to get out there and hustle. Here's how she pitched Nana. She made sure I had descriptions of the cookies. How bout two of each box, Nana? Of course!

Cheers to painting and cookies and February!

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